Epta S.p.A.


The Epta Group: a tree with roots in Europe and branches throughout the world

In recent years, the global commercial refrigeration market has recorded very interesting growth trends. In the last five year period, the global demand for refrigeration units grew by an average of 22.5%; in 2007, this figure corresponded to a total of around 400,000 remote units (excluding USA).
«In general, the commercial refrigeration industry is linked to trends in large-scale retailing – comments Daniele Marongiu, Epta’s Global Director for Commercial Operations – The signs of a widespread economic recovery have positive affects on our group as well. The company is growing with results that are far superior to market trends, thanks to solutions that generate a direct advantage to our customers: energy saving, ergonomics and merchandising, turnkey services and customised solutions».

The European commercial refrigeration market in which Epta is one of the leaders with a 25% market share, is estimated to be worth over €1 billion 100 million. Europe represents a mature market in which there are three basic critical success factors: an extensive and flexible range of products and services, forging solid business relations and the ability to understand the new needs of consumers, first and foremost respect for the environment.

Daniele Marongiu outlines the Group’s strategy: «To meet market demand, you have to be close to the customer, because shipment times and costs have considerable impact on local assistance. Epta’s historical roots are in Europe, where today it records around 80% of its revenues, however it is expanding rapidly in emerging markets. The company focuses in particular on markets with high growth rates. EU countries, Eastern Europe, Russia and Northern Europe represent Epta’s core market, with sales of over 250,000 remote units.»

Epta’s expansion and consolidation strategy is also addressed to other high potential markets, such as Asia, South America and the Middle East. These markets are still developing and the needs of consumers are in rapid expansion. «From Rosario, in Argentina, where Epta’s first production plant in South America is located, we have become the leader of the South Cone” – continues Daniele Marongiu – A politically dynamic area, with a lot of undeveloped potential. In just a few years, we have gained a leadership position in the Middle East, an area characterised by extremely rapid grow, in which Epta is able to guarantee a turnkey service and effective local assistance. At industrial level, Epta has five production sites in Europe and South America. Since 2006, Epta has given a further boost to its plan to expand into emerging markets by setting up a plant in Qingdao, China, which is currently our base for a geographic area which is recording extremely high growth rates. Epta is about to open new plants in Turkey and Columbia to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding market. Epta anticipates and accompanies the growth of the commercial refrigeration market».