Epta S.p.A.


Energy saving as a driver of development

At EuroShop 2008, Epta will be presenting a topic at the heart of all of its new solutions for commercial refrigeration: The Value of Energy.
This theme incorporates Epta’s design elements and values: a focus on energy saving and the continuous search for innovative products that guarantee real savings on the energy bill and lower environmental impact.

Approximately 52% of a typical supermarket’s energy consumption is absorbed by its food refrigeration units and this figure represents an area in which action can be taken to cut costs and to implement policies for sustainable environmental development.

For several years now, this area has been the focus for development and of Epta’s Innovation Centre. The company makes investments in Research and Development corresponding to 5% of its revenues, aiming to obtain the maximum energy efficiency from its products without ever relinquishing its attention on design and with particular focus on visual merchandising.

The participation in EuroShop – which revolves around the energy-saving theme – is fully in line with the Group’s philosophy of recent years. The Value of Energy theme distinguishes Epta products from those of its competitors and low-cost manufacturers.

Epta chose EuroShop 2008 to introduce itself to the international arena as a united, cohesive Group, with a strong leadership position in the European commercial refrigeration market.
The importance of this event and new business expansion policies have led to a significant increase in investments in marketing and communication: +300% in 2008.