Epta S.p.A.


A leading group in the commercial refrigeration market

Epta, a leading group in the commercial refrigeration market for large-scale retailing, was founded in Italy, when in 1986 the Nocivelli family acquired Costan, a historic Italian brand in the sector, based in Limana (Belluno). Over the years, the Group has successfully followed through its large-scale industrial strategy, based on a strong external growth plan entailing the acquisition of European leaders in its target markets.
In March 2003, the current structure of the Epta group was established following a complex process to integrate and re-organise the various successful organisations, which boast a strong tradition and a consolidated position in their respective markets. Epta is a multi-brand group with a strong international vocation, and boasts revenues exceeding €460 million (+15% compared to 2006), annual production capacity of 100,000 units, 2,300 employees and worldwide commercial presence.

Epta’s current multi-company structure, whose core business is commercial refrigeration, is as follows: Costan (Italy), Intercold (Austria), Bonnet Névé (France), Epta Argentina (Argentina), Epta Deutschland (Germany), George Barker (UK), Epta Qingdao (China). In the market, the group operates under four brand names: Costan, Bonnet Névé, BKT and George Barker.

The majority of Epta’s production facilities are located in Western Europe, but it has strategic and commercial offices in 35 important markets, including China, the Middle East and South America.

Epta is the only multinational group wholly focused on commercial refrigeration. This explains the high level of investment in R&D, with the complete renewal of 2/3 of the product range in just two years and in facilities, with a growth of 30,000m2 of covered surface area (more than 20% of the total in 2008).

Epta designs, builds and installs refrigerated cabinets, compressor packs and cold rooms for hypermarkets, supermarkets and shops.

This business area encompasses the following segments:

- Traditional cabinets, horizontal refrigeration units available in assisted service and self-service versions;
- Positive temperature vertical and semi-vertical refrigeration units, used to preserve and display fresh products;
- Negative temperature vertical and horizontal refrigeration units, designed to obtain the best preservation of frozen products;
- Small and medium-sized incorporated units (Plug-in) which are easy to move and install
- Technical products such as compressor packs and cold rooms;
- Installation and after-sales assistance services.