Epson Deutschland GmbH


Epson TM-C100 and Epson TM-C100ASF
break new ground

Meerbusch, November 2004. Epson is targeting completely new commercial and industrial colour printing sectors with the new Epson TM-C100 for paper rolls and the Epson TM-C100ASF version featuring an automatic cut sheet feeder: Series of high-quality, full-colour tickets, business cards, invitations, vouchers, coupons, gift cards, adhesive labels, store cards or price tags can be produced easily and cost-effectively using the reliable, compact ticket printers. Thanks to established Epson SEAJet® printing technology and the enormous variety of printable media, the range of applications is virtually unlimited. The Epson TM-C100 prints graphics, images and barcodes on paper rolls. Optionally, the Epson TM-100ASF, featuring an automatic cut sheet feeder, can print on envelopes, store cards and even stiff cardboard up to 220g/m² weight. The ticket-and-more printers Epson TM-C100 and Epson TM-C100ASF will be available in shops as of December 2004.

Flexible and rapid

Thanks to its flexibility, the Epson TM-C100 is a ticket printer with virtually no limitations. It prints on paper rolls weighing from 52.3 - 200 g/m2 with a width of 45 - 105 mm. The Epson TM-C100ASF features a cut sheet feeder which can print envelopes, labels, store cards and cardboard between 55 to 135 mm wide and 85 to 210 mm long. Paper weights from 64 up to 220 g/m2 pose no problem to the reliable, extremely robust Epson TM-C100ASF. An integrated "full-cut” paper cutter ensures the perfect finish after the Epson TM-C100 has performed its work at up to 35 mm/s in high-speed mode. Thus, a broad range of applications is available in trade, industry and the service sector - from price tags featuring a 2D barcode to challenging admission tickets. Printing durable adhesive labels which can be cut to any length seamlessly using the integrated paper cutter is a further example. If it is impossible to decide on a model, the TM-C100 for paper rolls and the low priced ASF paper guide as an option can be chosen.

Small and colourful
The small, industrious device applies pigmented, water resistant, instantly drying inks at resolution of up to 360 x 360 dpi to paper using established SEAJet® technology (Static Electronic Actuator). Every colour spot comprises up to four colours, enabling the Epson TM-C100 to achieve quality even sufficient for photos. The easily replaceable CMYK ink cartridges feature capacity of approx. 660 tickets* - thus, even the smallest series of store cards personalised with a photo will be available anytime, anyplace. On this note: The minimal footprint of 210 x 108 mm allows integration of the Epson TM-C100 in every environment. "With the TM-C100, Epson provides a printer hitherto unavailable in this design. It is suitable for an extremely varied range of applications which is increasing on a daily basis. It is small, robust and particularly versatile. Thus, it can be deployed successfully at the point of sale as well as in a dusty workshop,” explains Leonard Beckmann, Marketing and Product Manager RSD at Epson Deutschland.

Easy to use and outstanding connectivity

The Epson TM-C100 can be deployed in every environment thanks to its integrated USB interface. Supplied Windows printer drivers ensure that use of the ticket printer is as easy as the integration of the versatile device in any environment. Furthermore, an OPoS-ADK interface provides the suitable connection to existing PoS applications. Hence, the Epson TM-C100 is also the ideal PoS printer not merely designed for printing receipts. The Epson TM-C100 targets, for example, transport services, pharmacies, event organizers, dance clubs, theatres, libraries, museums, video stores, florists, as well as all retailors that want series of colourful tickets and labels to afford their customers an additional value.