Electronic Game Card, Marketing,Ltd


New York, June 23rd 2004, Electronic Game Card, (OTCBB: EGMI), today unveiled its XOGO GameCard at the US industry-leading electronic media promotion, marketing and design event, Promax. XOGO has been designed to address the specific needs of the $48.1 billion American sales and promotion industry. The launch of Electronic Game Card's latest product coincides with the expansion of the company's US sales team.

XOGO GameCards are the result of two years technical - and behavioral - research and development. Weighing less than half an ounce and roughly the size of a credit card, the XOGO GameCard is light, portable, and compelling to play.

John Bentley, CEO of Electronic Game Card Inc, commented:
"The product development has concentrated on security and robustness, in addition to our user group studies to make sure the XOGO's play characteristics fully engage the consumer. We are most excited by the pre-launch feedback the card has received from major brands.”

The XOGO GameCard is supported by the EGC Marketing team, which works with brands to customize the game application according to each brand's individual commercial requirements. The team will advise on the most appropriate style from the XOGO range of games - whether it be an extended play, an instant win or points accumulator. The team will also advise on how best to link the XOGO GameCard into the broader multi-channel activity of the brand.

John Bentley added:
"In commercial terms, XOGO serves two major purposes - to increase brand awareness and to improve the ROI of a brand's promotional spend. In practical terms, it provides a unique and highly innovative approach to addressing the challenges facing the marketing departments of all major brands of creating sustaining engagement with the consumer.”

The commercial objectives that the XOGO GameCard has been asked to address currently include boosting in-store traffic, driving incremental sales, generating product trials, building a qualified database, improving customer retention, creating membership benefits, supporting brand building efforts, and driving online traffic.