Eckelmann AG


Every year more than 25.000 refrigerated or freezer display cases and cold rooms of leading manufacturers at over 1.000 supermarkets or groceries are equipped with the
E-LDS refrigeration control systems of the Eckelmann AG, Germany. E•LDS offers powerful automation solutions for all areas of refrigerated and freezing food storing and display integrating facility management.

The full scale modular program provides the all-purpose refrigeration controller UA 300 for all kinds of normal- and low-temperature refrigerated units; the expandable multicompressor refrigeration control VS 3000 for up to 12 compressor capacity stages and 12 condenser fan stages as well as the market computer CI 3000, which offers a full scale monitoring, extensive operating options, configuration, and includes an integrated energy management. It features automatic storage, archiving and processing of all operating data and documentation and printout of mandatory operating data records as well as monitoring of digital-input external alarms and individual forwarding alarms to remote service centre or per SMS. The whole E•LDS range is completed by the PC-Software LDSWin with its graphical display, optimised for the needs of merchandisers, stuff personnel, commissioning staff and remote services. The ergonomic programme helps to automate regular tasks, like drawing up HACCP lists or forwarding data per E-Mail and Internet.
ECKELMANN markets E•LDS at international level in co-operation with wholesale- and specialist trade, and OEM partners.