Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Germany

Dry hands in seconds: New Jet Towel hand dryer

With its attractive design the new Jet Towel hand dryer from Mitsubishi Electric is an eyecatcher in any washroom – in hotels, restaurants, airports, hospitals or public facilities. In addition to being stylish it’s also practical, because its ergonomic design ensures a very pleasant experience for the guests.

The Jet Towel blows the film of water off the hands in seconds with a focused jet of air, drying both sides of both hands simultaneously. This highly-effective air jet drying method is also used in modern car washes, where it achieves significantly better results than conventional systems. The water blown off the hands is collected in a container at the bottom of the unit.

Every detail of the Jet Towel is designed for maxi-mum hygiene. It is switched on and off with photo-electric barriers – there is no need to touch a power switch. And the water collection container ensures that the floor of the washroom is kept dry.

The very short drying times – a few seconds is all it takes – reduces power consumption to a minimum. This, and the fact that no paper is used, helps to pro-tect the environment.