Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen GmbH & Co.


The fully automatic horizontal channel balers with a high performance two stage hydraulic system: A short cycle time and a high compacting force are accomplished via precompacting in the initial stage and postcompacting in the intensive, high pressure main stage.The micro processor provides for the hook up to the electronic controls of the feed systems.

Technical details:

Extra large inlet hopper with light barrier control – material overhang is cut off by two shears during compaction.

Micro processor control with large LCD display. All operating functions are input via the easy to read soft touch control pad, e.g. the desired size and weight of bale. Operating status, service information and error messages are also displayed.

The hydraulic system is free standing and, therefore, easily accessible for maintenance. If desired, the entire hydraulic unit can be exchanged for a larger one, in order to achieve increased operational speed through higher performance.

Fully automatic, hydraulically driven tie off system (wire tying three-times) integrated in a special space saving design: attached lengthways to the side of the baler- therefore, there are no long tie off cylinders protruding from the machine.

Variable compaction force – the desired compaction force is set via a proportional control valve. This self regulating channel adjustment ensures consistency of bales for all types of compactable materials.

Continuous baling – the bales are pushed automatically out of the compacting channel and can be removed immediately on a pallet. The length of the bale can be set with the electronic bale size setting from 300-1600 mm.