Displays as a design feature

Classy design versus the same old thing in digital signage

© Netvico Sportscheck Berlin

Brushed steel, display column slightly curved, touchscreen or color screen – done. Many kiosk terminals look the same. Does retail want the uniform look when it comes to digital signage? Which alternative solutions are there in digital signage? And can you really score with customers with these? We have taken a look and asked around.

A hectic pace during inventory: do it yourself or having it done

Interview with Birgit Aust, Managing Director TVG Touristik Vertriebsgesellschaft, Munich, Germany

Birgit Aust © TVG

“Best Digital Media Concept“ – For this category, the trade association POPAI awarded the flagship store of the Touristik Vertriebsgesellschaft (TVG) with its ”POPAI Digital Signage Award“ in Gold. In September at their head office in Munich, the tourism experts opened up the award-winning ”travel agency of the future“. Digital Signage is part of the infrastructure here. Yet what counts is not just the technology, but also the design. Now the concept is scheduled to be transferred to 250 stores.

Design for young people who book their travel on the Internet

Interview with Michael Reuter, Managing Director of Polygon in Obertshausen, Germany

Michael Reuter © Reuter

Retail could make great use of the look of digital information terminals as a unique feature, believes Polygon Managing Director Michael Reuter. However, he sells standard models that are being modified in different ways more frequently than completely new developments. Many materials are possible, but due to its longevity steel is especially sought after. Reuter mourns the fact that retailers today often copy the Apple design.

The Apple craze encourages a uniform design in harsh everyday life“