Display stands as sales promoter

Display stands: "Check me out, I am a money maker!"

Visual marketing in retail can no longer be imagined without display stands. Made of cardboard or acrylic, they can easily be assembled on site and lend themselves to short term sales promotions as well as long-term shop design. Displays can be functional or representative. They can also be a low cost alternative to digital signage.

Display stands: Check me out, I am a money maker

Interview with Carsten Böttcher, Managing Director spot display, Osnabrück

spot GmbH from Osnabrück, Germany, was founded in 1993 and specializes in displays and packaging made from solid or corrugated cardboard. The spot customers are from Germany and other European countries. Managing Director Carsten Böttcher points out many good reasons, which speak in favor of cardboard in his opinion. Even for small production runs, offset printing is cheaper than digital printing, he says. Moreover, displays made of cardboard can be well combined with electronic displays.

“Corrugated cardboard is an ideal material for modern promotion“

Interview with Milan Fedorek, SÁRA POS Design & Production, Brünn

The Czech display supplier SÁRA celebrated its first time at the EuroShop in 2011. The company does not think cardboard is sturdy enough and instead uses aluminum composite panels, PVC or metal. Milan Fedorek founded SÁRA in 1992 together with a business partner in Brünn in the Czech Republic. The headquarters with its production and design department is located there. Fedorek talks about international contacts, trendsetters in the Czech Republic and a German web shop.

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