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Digital signage: Perfumery chain Douglas incorporates PRESTIGEenterprise in its new cutting-edge branch in Mainz

Digital signage: Perfumery chain Douglas incorporates PRESTIGEenterprise in its new cutting-edge branch in Mainz.
Perfumery chain Douglas GmbH has integrated a large number of screens at its newly opened cutting-edge branch in the city of Mainz -which is a true novelty. With digital signage and visual merchandising, Europe’s no.1 perfume retailer therefore creates a completely new and interactive shopping experience for its customers. “Thanks to the interactivity, which comes into play with the new media and technology, we are able to offer our customers added value extras. Thus we can further develop the shop ambience and aim for an even more emotive shopping experience,” said Jeroen Timmer, IT Director of Douglas International GmbH. “Digital is the language of our young target group which plays an important role in our new digital signage based advertising media.”

The perfumery chain Parfümerie Douglas GmbH, a customer of Online Software AG with PRESTIGE solutions for printing promotional posters since 1998, is using the software PRESTIGEenterprise for its screens for the very first time. The software enables Douglas to operate all communication media, from individual displays to video walls under its own direction in a time and money saving way.

The top 10 scents for men and women – 24/7
One of the highlights of the installation is the touch screen display window which passerbys can interactively use to find out the most popular scents of the moment for men and women – 24/7. In addition to the individual screens, all eyes are drawn to a huge 16-piece video wall (4x4) in the shop window of the 1st floor. Another video wall is installed near the escalators in the branch, and there are several individual screens which are cleverly integrated into the shop’s presence. Depending on the position of the screens, current offers and promotions are shown as well as emotive promotional trailers. The content of the video recordings is managed by PRESTIGEenterprise. “Thanks to the connection with the enterprise resource planning system from which PRESTIGEenterprise obtains its data, it is ensured that important information such as price changes and availability are always up-to-date,” said Jürgen Berens von Rautenfeld, CEO of Online Software AG. “The connection with the SAP-product database thus makes data management easier for Douglas and avoids unnecessary duplication of tasks.”

“The solution installed at our cutting-edge Mainz branch is a pilot project for us,” said Jeroen Timmer. “Should it fulfil our expectations, we will extend our digital signage and digitally supported visual merchandising offers to other branches.”