Digital Marketing

New mobile opportunities in digital marketing

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Retail is able to achieve more and more, particularly by reaching younger consumers via cell- and smartphones. That’s why applications – so-called apps – for the new mobile gadgets play a very big role at the EuroCIS. Yet also in existing online-shops and stores, many processes can be improved with new software. Here is a foray into digital marketing.

New mobile opportunities in digital marketing

Interview with Regula Turtschi, Managing Director Hof3

Regula Turtschi © Keryx

Hof3 from Switzerland occupied its first stand at a trade fair at the EuroShop 2011. With a software partner, the company that was founded in 1997 develops the Keryx products for interactive information- and management systems for the digital signage sector since 2008. It combines a search engine with map technology based on Bubbles-Navigation.

Search engine plus map and set theory for kiosk terminals

Interview with Hannes Rambold, CEO MobiMedia Group

Hannes Rambold  © MobiMedia Group

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not a department in a company, but rather the holistic idea of business management that’s based on customer value. Based on this maxim, Hannes Rambold asks for software that’s used for customer relationship management at any time to present the correct fact analysis without search time. Only if it’s easy to use, will it also be accepted by users.

“There is no CRM software, CRM should be in every software“