Opportunities and risks with the cloud

Retail processes are optimized by cloud computing

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Cloud computing can – if used properly – also have a huge potential for retailers to create flexible systems by making information, important applications and even entire business processes available and usable in real-time via the Internet. Yet most retailers are still skeptical and are above all afraid of data security issues.


“Without cloud computing, integrated omni-channel solutions cannot be implemented“

Interview with Michael Jaszczyk, CTO of GK Software AG

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Things are heading to the Cloud: German retail is utilizing more and more cloud solutions. Nevertheless, a study conducted last year revealed that German retailers are considerably more hesitant to head for the Cloud compared to their European counterparts. With its solutions, GK Software AG works on cloud computing to also become widely accepted by German retailers.


“There is no absolute security“

Interview with Prof. Herbert Weber, Head of the Trusted Cloud competence center

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The safe use of cloud services is a challenge for small businesses in particular – yet one that pays off. To make the introduction to this topic easier for users, the independent Center of Excellence Trusted Cloud is currently working on guidelines. Professor Herbert Weber heads the cloud squad and talks with EuroCIS about the project, threat scenarios for retail and the added benefit of cloud services.