DRIV camera®

A result of TEB’s longstanding experience in system design, the DRIV camera® is an answer to a specific need in surveillance, for areas that are particularly sensitive or awkward and difficult to secure. Where a dome camera is not enough, the DRIV camera® is easily movable to cover all the blind spots in a particular area. Allowing precise monitoring of a subject, in total discretion, the DRIV camera® expands on the potential of BULLE camera® and offers even more by way of efficiency.

This first ever movable dome camera can be easily adjusted to up to 12 meters in length. Ideal complement to surveillance the DRIV camera® offers you the widest range of visual products on the market, that can be adopted to the most specific of needs.

• Deletes blind spots
• Monitors up to 3 aisles in a store
• Economical
• Customised length: maximum of 12 meters
• Unobtrusive
• Very high resolution images
• Auto-focus, auto iris, Zoom 96X
• View through 360 degrees

TEB has the most complete range of mobile CCTV systems in the market: the exclusive TUB camera®, the reference in continuous tracking CCTV system, the high performance BULLE dome camera®2, and the new DRIV camera®, the last innovation in mobile camera. TEB brings a global approach to the security requirements of its customers offering a solution geared to the needs, from design through to implementation.