dekodur GmbH & Co. KG

DEKODUR presents the individual surface design

Art Concept

Motif by motif - each high-pressure laminate of this exceptional collection is unique.

Art Concept combines individual artistic expression with the proven surface properties of high-pressure laminates. This artists' series owes its fascination to the harmony between organic and geometric, and, abstract and representational forms.

Using various application methods this collection creates very individual cloured motives with a plastic appearing depth. The charm of the Art Concept laminate with its flowing soft colour-transition and the changing of colours ranging from pastel-like to intensive can not be achieved using the classic offset prints.

As the artists create each laminate individually, each motif achieves a slight variance in appearance - though never loosing the harmony of the whole colour and theme.

Moreover, customers' individual requests as to colour can be complied with.

The exclusive high-pressure laminates of Art concept help interior designers and interior architects with the creation of individually created objects and open new paths.

Upon request, certificates of authenticity issued by the artists, are available.