Organizzazione Orlandelli S.r.l.


The new water tray for 'Danish' unistandard trolleys has been completely redesigned in order to reach 3 very important goals:
1) Increase the structural robustness: for what concerns the geometrical arrangement, we got inspired by the food box which puts together reduced thickness together with high robustness. The project has been studied in the smallest details, focusing on areas exposed to strong pressure. The design includes 2 draining wells around the unistandard shelf handles with a central imprinting in order to facilitate drilling.
2) Optimize the space on 'Danish' unistandard trolley: we modified the space of unistandard trolleys, on the base as well as on the shelf, by improving conicity and allowing the use of any flower and plant plateau.
3) Reduce packaging volume: we have reduced the total volume of 48%,compared to the previous water tray, just by stacking in a pile and therefore reducing the cost of transportation.