Dommer Stuttgarter Fahnenfabrik GmbH

D.O.C. Display Serie / Telescopic Flagpole MT 6

Display Serie D.O.C.

The new display serie D.O.C. - Dommer Original Creation – of Dommer Stuttgarter Fahnenfabrik is of high quality material and well tested construction. Through its flexibility and highness it is suitable to meet all demands for fairs, promotion activities and decoration at the P.O.S. The handling of the displays belonging to this serie is very easy. Comfortable transportation bags are available for all systems. Dommer provides the displays complete with the printed cloth panels.
The most easy way to present a classic decoration banner is the D.O.C. Banner display. The banner can have a width up to 150 cm and can be pulled on a hook on top of the display. He height of the pole can be changed through telescopic way between 120 up to 235 cm. So the height can be optimized according to the banner and the best optic for the individual location. D.O.C. Stand offers the possibility to have the classic flag on a flagpole optic in an indoor decoration. The Flag has a tube on top. This can be pulled over the extension pole which keeps the flag presented.
D.O.C. Wall is suitable to build whole walls of fair booth because the systems also allow rectangular setup. The panels are edged with aluminium profiles on top and bottom within this system. The easy handling of the cloth panels guarantees as well the easy handling of the system. D.O.C. field is the optimum display for the outside events. The pole system keeps the banner on left and right side. In addition there are tensionropes to enforce the stability of the banner.

MT 6

The Telescopic Flagpole MT 6 is the most flexible flagpole of the entire program of the Dommer Flag Company. Without any problems it can be used for outdoor and indoor presentations. The height is adjustable between 170-530 cm. There is a crane extension in aluminium metal which guarantees that the flag can be displayed in full size. For outdoor a fork base is included. For indoor an additional square metal base 60x60 cm in silver metallic colour is available. The transport length of the pole is 170 cm. Thus is easy to transport in a private car. The maximum size of the banner should not exceed 120x300 cm. The ideal locations of the pole are at fairs, hotels or larger showrooms of companies etc. This practicable and impressive telescope flag pole is available at Dommer Company for sale and for rent.