Customer service in all channels



Today, high product and service quality is a given and an important factor for success. Customers have learned to have high expectations when it comes to delivery times, product variety and service processes, not least because of the triumphant success of social networks.


Using digital hubs

Multichannel customer service is the order of the day

Picture: Call Center

When consumers have issues with a product today, they want to contact customer service via a channel that is easiest for them to access in case they have a problem or question. What’s crucial for companies: the quality of service needs to be at a consistently high level on all customer service channels.


"Offering consistent information and services at each contact point"

Interview with Mirko Hüllemann, CEO of Heidelpay

Picture: Mirko Hüllemann

Invoice, PayPal, direct debit und instant transfer are the preferred methods of payment of German customers in eCommerce. Several studies over the past few years have also shown: offering convenient payment methods has become an especially important service aspect for customers. Mirko Hüllemann, CEO of payment service provider Heidelpay, knows the right methods of payment for the respective choices.


"Today’s consumers primarily want a seamless customer journey"

Interview with Robert Wucher, Head of Technology and Digital Client Solutions, GfK

Picture: Robert Wucher

To understand what services customers expect today, retailers should know exactly what touchpoints their customers use to get in touch. Only then can they align their sales approach, advertising and services accordingly. Robert Wucher, Digital Expert at GfK, knows the customer journey in the various product categories and what services retailers should definitely offer.