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Connect and grow

New perspectives in Loss Prevention

From time to time, a new development takes place that radically changes the way we do things.

It's all about connection. You already take it for granted that you can link PCs to the Net, but have you thought about the other things you could link?

We have. As the first in our industry, we've embedded Net connectivity into a new range of Electronic Article Surveillance equipment, and linked it to Net-based software. Turning losses into profits.

We've opened up a new world of business intelligence. One that will also enhance your marketing, merchandising and customer relations.

It all adds up to a whole new way of looking at your business.


The emergence of the Internet- plus GSM,GPRS and soon UMTS- opens the way for new network-enabled devices, which provide unexpected solutions and create exciting new possibilities for growth.

That's why we developed a new generation of RF EAS (OS/T (TM)) and a software platform (EASi/NET (TM))that enables a totally new approach to Loss Prevention and more.