Linde AG

Compact Line

POS highlighting of premium and commercial brands

Food manufacturers and retailers are now widely adopting the practice of extracting premium and commercial brand products from normal merchandisers and presenting them in separate display cases, the aim being to realize increased turnover potential of these products by placing them in the checkout area or at other points of sale generating impulse purchases. Refrigerated products are ideally suited for this strategy and Linde AG has adapted to it with its Compact Line of plug-in refrigerated and freezer merchandisers. Customized versions are created by a number of options:

Illuminated display headers, adhesive film decorator and display elements, design elements
Special interior and exterior color finishes, special and dedicated accessories.

Up to now, demand has been particularly good for ice cream islands, the Optimer multidecks and low-profile Presenter multidecks. At EuroShop 2002 the diversity of customized solutions available is being demonstrated by several examples and brands:

Homann (delicatessen), Fuellhorn (house brand of REWE retailing group), Vita (prepacked fresh salads), Steinhaus (pasta and convenience foods), Bio-Wertkost (EDEKA house brand), Dole Fresh Cut Company, Sweden (ready-to-eat salads and fruit snacks), Ferrero (dairy products and confectioneries) and Coca-Cola (soft drinks).

The narrow-profile Presenter 0646 making its debut at EuroShop 2002 has been specially designed for checkout area placing. It can be had with two or three glass display shelves. When used for merchandising soft drinks, its capacity is 130 PET bottles of 500 ml size or 120 cans.