CoinCasher™ – makes retailers profit from their coin handling

Self-service coin deposit systems are growing in popularity as retailers become aware of the huge amount and value of coins hoarded in people’s homes. There is a tremendous business opportunity in making consumers aware of the value in the coins they have through commissioned-based counting machines.
SCAN COIN is now unveiling the new CoinCasher™ to provide retailers with an exciting new source of profit.

Every year, more and more coins are produced world-wide. This is because, as studies in the US and Europe show, most consumers save coins at home in jars money boxes or simply drop them at the end of the day in drawers, and thereby take them out of circulation. A CoinCasher™ ideally situated in a retail environment gives consumers the incentive and opportunity to turn their “lost” coins into cash for new purchases at the store, while avoiding inconvenient trips to the bank.

The CoinCasher™ is a tailored cash deposit system for retail applications that is fast and easy-to-use, at the same time as being incredibly accurate and reliable. The machine automatically sorts off any dirt, counterfeit coins or foreign objects. At the end of the count, CoinCasher™ prints a receipt, which can be personalised with the store’s brand name, with the ability to include extra security features and more.

Growing popularity for in-store machines
Self-service systems for coin deposits are growing in popularity particularly in the US and increasingly in Europe. Consumers are often pleasantly surprised when seeing their coin collection being transformed into a value that can be used for purchases. Retailers can benefit from this new purchase power in store and they can attract new customers and encourage consumer loyalty. In some countries, retailers are suffering from shortage of coins that have to be purchased externally. By recycling coins in-store, this amount can be decreased or eliminated. Most importantly CoinCasher™ is seen as appreciated service to consumers. Considering that CoinCasher™ takes up less than one square metre of space, requires no investment in stock and minimal investment in maintenance, it surely provides retailer with an exciting new source for profit.

For the retailer, the success of the CoinCasher™ is based on volume and traffic – in short, consumers liking and using the machine. SCAN COIN offers a comprehensive marketing kit to to help the retailer get started and make profit from day one, and to draw the consumers attention to the machine and help them use it.

SCAN COIN became a pioneer in the self-service area way back in 1987 and has become a world-leader in the automatic cash processing market with more than 13 000 cash deposit system installed in banking, public transport and retail environments.

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