Circus Ideas Company GmbH

Circus develops new advertising structure concept

Many customers in the out-of-home business can sing a sad song about it: they order a nice banner, put it on a bar system to be hung to their building front most effectively and in large format. During daily business problems emerge. When the banner has to be changed, a lifter has to be ordered and an assembly team has to take down the banner to put on a new one. The systems are not resistant to wind, which makes the bar system weak in stormy weather.

As an agency for special advertising forms Circus Ideas Company has always been confronted with problems with outdoor bar systems for large banners. So the idea was born to invent an own system – facing the fact that all the systems tested on the market did not turn up to their expectations. A team of aluminium engineers, architects, structural analysts and designers created the new Bannerlifter®. The result is a revolution to the world of outdoor advertising systems.

The technical advantage of the Bannerlifter is its wind safety. No need to use hooks and eyes. The removable crank handle for lifting is another benefit. It assures optimal tensing and simple hoisting. The banners can be reused and first of all be changed quickly and without any problems or effort.

Circus calculates a positive return on investment for entrepreneurs wanting to use their own fronts or outdoor advertising space efficiently. The highest savings are in media costs. Advertising impact is directly at the POS. The Bannerlifter can also be rented – an absolute novelty in the field.

Another novelty is the Bannerlifter pylon. This huge free-standing banner pylon was developed mainly for large parking lots and highway advertising. New and unbeaten: the banner can be changed at any time without problems.