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Check-out Centres: Tapping into sales potential

If stores are to make the most of shoppersŽ impulse buys at the check-out, they need to provide an attractive display in this area: the two modular Check-out Centres from Wanzl offer solutions for tapping into this sales potential.

The classic Check-out Centre and the Over-the-Head model both have considerable benefits. Stores can choose the one that best fits the space available at their check-outs. An attractive presentation can be organised for even the smallest of spaces. Changes and extensions to the system can be made quickly and easily at any time, to fit new products or an extended range. Optional modules like fixed or scrolling text or graphic displays provide additional space for advertising, to make the best use of customersŽ waiting time. Wanzl has developed some clever ideas for displaying fast-moving tobacco products. Refilling is just a one-hand operation. And steplessly adjustable shelves mean different-sized packs can be displayed without wasting space. The row of packs moves forward automatically as the front pack is taken out, keeping shelves looking well stocked. And WanzlŽs out-of-stock system warns employees in good time when stocks are getting low. When the check-out is closed, an electrically or manually-operated aluminium blind closes down over the goods, leaving them on view but out of reach.

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