Canon Europe Ltd.

Canon enables developers to create bespoke MFP applications with launch of MEAP Web

LONDON- Canon Europe, world leader in imaging solutions, has launched MEAP Web to enable the rapid development of low cost MFD applications via a Web Services interface. Organisations and developers can independently create their own software to integrate MFDs into the end-user workflows. Developers will also benefit from significantly shorter development cycles as the application is developed and deployed on a local server.
• EMEA-based developers can rapidly prototype and develop applications through a truly open platform and runtime royalty free business model
• MEAP Web will significantly enhance the integration capability of imageRUNNER ADVANCE multi-functional devices (MFDs)
• Canon also announces that more than 100,000 standard MEAP applications have been delivered across EMEA since its launch in 2003
The introduction of Canon’s Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform (MEAP) was a major development for the industry, and over 100,000 MEAP applications have been delivered across EMEA since its launch in 2003. Whilst continuing to enhance its successful platform, Canon has now expanded its offering with the introduction of MEAP Web to offer increased flexibility for developers.
MEAP Web is a truly open platform, available to potential EMEA based developers via Canon’s Business Solutions Development Programme (BSDP). Users can sign up and gain access to MEAP Web software developer kit with a nominal fee*. They can then use the platform freely to develop and distribute MEAP Web applications.
John Hitchins, IS Director of Managed Print Service company, M2 Digital says, “We are very excited to be working with Canon on its new open platform MEAP applications, to provide us with unparalleled flexibility to deliver bespoke scanning applications and an enhanced customer experience.”
As it sits on a server, full applications can be created in just two or three months, so development cycles are significantly shortened from the standard nine to ten months. MEAP Web also offers the flexibility for developers to create their own software independently without Canon’s involvement.
MEAP Web presents an opportunity for all developers and organisations – irrespective of their background or size – to create a specific solution for their market or business needs. The powerful platform uses standard Web Services and HTML as protocols for communication between the application and MFP. This helps keep the cost of development low as skills for the above technologies are widely available and will not require a highly specialised developer.
For Canon’s channel partners, MEAP Web offers an additional revenue stream to provide their customers with bespoke solutions that fit their needs or niche market conditions. This can be achieved with minimal resources required by the partner at a low cost as all MEAP Web applications are runtime royalty free.
Mark Altman, CEO of Altman Integrated Technologies plc – providers of leading-edge print and copy management solutions says, “MEAP Web enables us to provide our customers with applications that are both convenient and cost-effective whilst also delivering the benefits of cost savings through device rationalisation, elimination of waste and productivity gains through secure, on-demand pull printing, ideal for flexible and busy work environments.”
Paul Rowntree, European Product Sales Marketing Director, Canon Europe says, “Canon revolutionised the sector when we introduced MEAP as a smart platform for MFPs in 2003, which has become one of the most significant technology innovations in the office equipment market. The next step for us has now been to introduce more flexibility so that our partners and customers can quickly and easily create applications to add value to their business through MEAP Web. Partnerships have always been key in the creation of all Canon products and solutions, so it is exciting that our partners are now presented with a completely open platform to rapidly develop MFP applications at a very low cost.”
“At Canon EXPO 2010 we already saw some fantastic cases of how MEAP Web can be applied to better the way businesses work. For example, mScan is a MEAP Web application that connects mobile devices - such as the iPhone, iPad and Android phones - to MFDs for scanning or printing. A second application that was showcased was a secured email delivery solution from Swiss Post. This provides a function much like when an individual signs for standard post, with the MEAP Web IncaMail application allowing paper documents to be scanned and distributed securely via IncaMail. These first case examples provide just a small snapshot of what developers can achieve in a very short space of time and at minimal cost.”
MEAP Web is now available across Europe EMEA by registering at