CURVET®: More Energy with the new curved solar electric module in mono- and poly-crystalline silicon.

Highly ecological easy to re-cycle curved glass, is crossed with poly crystal silicon cells which can transform the sun's rays into electric energy, to create the most innovative of products, one of a kind: the photovoltaic module in curved glass.

Using a sophisticated exclusively patented technological process, Curvet® SpA has successfully managed to make a mono- and poly-crystalline silicon photo voltaic cell which adheres perfectly to a curved glass surface.
With its sober and elegant design, the solar electric module in curved glass is ideal both in form and function, and meets the ever more complex demands of today's contemporary architecture, aiming to blend new building criteria for greater sensitivity while at the same time safeguarding the environment.

With this new product Curvet® has taken on the challenge of renewable energy, to meet the ever more pressing need to build architectural structures with stand alone power systems.

Even the shipbuilding and automobile industries find this product highly interesting when it comes to finding creative solutions for designs which aim to improve the quality of life.
Solar electric power is a form of renewable energy. The power of the future in that it uses technology which directly transforms the sun's energy into electric power. Of all the different types of alternative and renewable energy, the technology used to make solar electric power is one of the most reliable ones in that it relies on harnessing the boundless energy of the sun: the one truly unending source of energy, which is not only free but also good for the environment.

Last updated 15.02.2005