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CEFLA ARREDAMENTI GROUP -Important product innovations and business news in Düsseldorf

Cefla Arredamenti Group to be at the upcoming Euroshop with a large stand:
Hall 15, Stand E32

Important product innovations and business news in Düsseldorf

Rich, stimulating presence in Düsseldorf for Cefla Arredamenti Group
which announces innovative products, new international partnerships
and a programme of events which will liven up the attractive stand:
a large, exciting space in which to experience “INSIEME” (together) designed by Lombardini22

Imola, 2nd December 2010. Cefla Arredamenti Group has been attending Euroshop ( for over twenty years, and will be present at the 2011 event, too. The Group has always considered Euroshop to be an international reference point for all point of sale services, and its presence at the next event, to be held in Düsseldorf from 26th February to 2nd March 2011 will have a fresh new image and character.

The 470m² of Stand E 32 in Hall 15 of Euroshop is confirmation and fulfilment of the courageous declaration of intent made by Giuseppe Garra, Managing Director of Cefla Arredamenti Group at the beginning of this year, about how to deal with the crisis constructively, and respond to clients’ demands.
Garra disclosed the launch of new products featuring highly innovative content and strategies based on the courage to invest and being proactive, in February of this year. A year later, on occasion of Euroshop, the results of the above declaration will be able to be seen by everyone, and appreciated TOGETHER.

Cefla’s presence at Euroshop is, therefore, another important tool for reaching both consolidated and prospective clients, in order to present the company’s innovative skills through the new products and announce a new international partnership.

The stand understood as a “sensorial experience” (Hall 15 - E32)

The Cefla Arredamenti Group company innovation, both in terms of products and organisation, is first and foremost revealed with a new, original image. The project for the stand has, in fact, been entrusted to internationally famous integrated design company Lombardini22 (, which has interpreted and developed the Groups’ mission in that space: adding value for clients with furnishing solutions which improve the results of the retail point.
Being one of the main international figures in shopfittings, combining the demands of visual merchandising and modern retail technologies with personalised, industrialised solutions.

An ambitious mission, which Lombardini22 has interpreted in light of the skills developed during years of designing retail areas and of parallel experiences in designing that which is called ‘transient architecture’.
The architecture of the stand consists in a few, highly significant elements. The plan as a whole is free, filtering circulation.

“When you design a stand you design an experience,” says Cristian Catania, project leader at Lombardini22, “in which you have the chance to show the identity, the strength of a brand. For this reason, we worked on the idea of a memorable stand from the very beginning, a stand which would stimulate all the senses, was packed with emotional charge. But not only, Cefla will present itself with a new Partner for the first time, so we opted for a stand which would enhance the group’s corporate appearance, in which products would be displayed as examples of some of the possible solutions. This was done in a context which speaks more of the company than the application-oriented settings of each individual product.”

“Aware that place conditions behaviour,” continues Catania, “we worked on a “filtering” kind of layout, which feeds visitors’ curiosity and facilitates the interaction between people and between people and products. We wanted to emphasize the attention Cefla has always paid to people - customers, suppliers, partners, employees, as indeed to the partners of the group – and we achieved this result by using one specific word, a word we have magnified: INSIEME, (an “insieme” (group) of people, an ‘insieme’ (set) of the parts of a product. And not only, insieme is work between a company and a client. Insieme will be on display at the fair).

We were also inspired by looking at the way the Group communicates. Cefla is an international company with an Italian heart. It loves communicating in Italian, using messages which are easily understood like: “siamo dentro di voi” (we are within you). For this reason, we felt the choice of the word INSIEME, made much larger than the architectural scale, built along the longest side of the stand, was particularly good. The human scale, on the other hand, comes from the layout of large “canopies” – covers hanging over people’s heads and the products - which single out the different areas of the stand and act as communications and lighting elements.
In order to make the visitor’s experience truly memorable, we enriched all letters with graphics and recesses which will hold spices, such as rosemary, thus giving off the ‘fragrance’ of the Italian spirit and stimulating another sense: that of smell.

“Lombardini22,” explains Adolfo Suarez, Lombardini22 partner specialised in designing retail architecture, “has had the enormous satisfaction of working for a company which is highly skilled within the sphere of retail, allowing us to experience the know-how, furnishing and technological innovations developed by this industry firsthand.”
New products

Presentation of the new products will basically be split into “food”, “non food” and “check-out”.

The checkout sector, where Cefla is on the front line after the debut of its Avantgarde checkout, will be an interesting setting for the public.
A completely innovative solution within the sphere of self-checkouts will be presented: a self-checkout, which also operates in a manned mode, bringing together all Cefla’s expertise in this sector, the extraordinary attention to the ergonomic appearance and the perfect IT integration, which will influence this kind of product more and more.

Alongside this complete innovation, the ergonomic Avantgarde checkout will also be offered to the international market, after its successful launch in Italy in June of this year.

Within the “food” sector, the focus will be on System25 Evolution and particularly the huge advantages it offers in terms of the space it brings to the retail point, as well as the new features pertaining to Digital Signage integrated into the shelving.

The “non food” side will be characterised by the non-prescription drug departments, Cefla’s brand new sector of sales approach, textiles and home furnishings, and an extensive, well-constructed range devoted to the DIY world.
The depth of the range is clear, split into different commodity sectors, skilfully organised in materials, colours and innovative technologies.
Events and activities held at the stand

The stand, understood as a ‘piazza’ in which to interact and share knowledge and experience together (INSIEME), will be livened up with events, social moments and training sessions, for example, meetings with the management in order to learn about the Group’s new corporate strategies and talks with international ergonomists about the ergonomics of the checkout point, a sphere in which Cefla has indisputable expertise.