Carel S.p.A.

Better Control - Energy Savings!

At EuroShop CAREL will be presenting a vast range of innovative solutions for the optimised control of refrigeration and air-conditioning units in supermarkets and shopping centres.

What are the advantages of the CAREL solutions?

Energy savings: our solution for commercial refrigeration, featuring the use of a proportional electronic expansion valve, brings considerable reductions in the energy consumed by the compressor packs (up to 25% per year), as it ensures real management of the floating operating pressure and better efficiency of the refrigeration units, due to the expansion phase being controlled electronically.

Better foodstuff conservation: the proportional electronic expansion valve ensures better temperature control of the refrigeration units and reduces the loss of moisture and thus maintains the weight of the foodstuffs.

HACCP: the procedures required to satisfy the HACCP system are implemented as standard in our refrigeration controllers.

Control of the entire installation: the entire installation is monitored and controlled, and can be configured by local or remote PC with a click of the mouse.

Save your energy, come to CAREL stand No. 16/E60 at Euroshop!