Access IS

Barcode imager reads paperless vouchers from mobile phone and PDA Displays

mobile phone PDS ticket voucher bar code reader
Data peripheral manufacturer Access Interface Solutions (Access IS) has released a miniature bar code imager, the LSR110, which is designed to read bar coded vouchers from mobile phone and PDA displays.
As mobile devices with multi-media capability become widely adopted, retailers will increasingly use mobile coupons as a low-cost and dynamic way to attract customers to their retail stores. Vouchers can be delivered to a targeted sample of a retailer’s customer loyalty database, or downloaded on request from a web site, or by text message. Once received, coupons will be redeemed by presenting a mobile device face down onto the LSR110 where the bar code is read on contact, making it simpler to use than a traditional hand-held wand.
The LSR110 is available as a desktop device for use with retail point of sale equipment and as a rugged module for integration into self-service kiosks, making it suitable for use by the general public.
As well as simple linear codes, the imager can read 2D pixel based symbologies, such as Aztec, Datamatrix, QR and PDF417. The LSR is exceptionally compact with overall dimensions of 90 mm x 120 mm x 70 mm. USB, RS232 and keyboard interface options are available. The device will also read paper printed bar codes and can be used as a conventional omni-directional scanner.