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BÄRO Bright Star: New lamp for demanding lighting tasks

Quelle: Bäro

The new BÄRO Bright Star (BBS) lamps are ideal for presenting products in a powerful and superior light in shops, specialist stores, supermarkets and outdoor areas. BBS lamps are now available for BÄRO's entire current range of luminaires. They boast high luminous intensity, excellent colour rendering (class 1A) and are extremely reliable. They are an attractive highlight for every salesroom.

Economical lighting solution with a long service life

As a further development and successor to the successful BÄRO Light Star series (BLS), this lighting innovation is ideal for illuminating areas where a bright and sales-promoting light is needed to highlight products, for example products on special offer. When integrated in BÄRO Batwing luminaires, the new long-life and extremely energy-efficient BBS lamps can also present large areas with non-food products in shops. Thanks to improved colour rendering the products are shown in their true natural colours, enhancing the product display and boosting sales.

Simple retrofitting of BÄRO Bright Star

Replacing BÄRO Light Star lamps in existing systems with the new BÄRO Bright Star lamps is a simple matter. However, the well-proven BLS lamps are still available and can be ordered from BÄRO as usual.