tretford - Weseler Teppich GmbH & Co. KG

At EuroShop 2008 tretford shows new Materials and Innovative Solutions for Walls and Floors.

“PLUS 7" is the new development from tretford. The very robust pile material made of 40% goat hair and 60% nylon combines the advantages of a renewable natural fibre with the efficiency of nylon, making it ideal for use in commercial design. The cut-resistant material offers a multitude of design possibilities and is available as continuous carpet as well as carpet tiles.

“VELEDO“ is the name of the new and innovative tretford leather floor covering. The surface made of leather fibre is very strong, long-lasting and colourfast. Veledo is laid without the use of adhesives and is very flexible due to its glue-less toploc click system. The various surface textures and attractive colour assortment are ideal for fitting shops and commercial properties.

With "tretford WAND" Weseler Teppich GmbH is entering a new dimension.
This new type of wall paper is three-dimensional and clothes the walls in a subtle fashion. It carries the unmistakable signature of tretford and also comes in a great range of colours. With its material embossing and a discreet play of colours between the raised and flat textures, this product works colour magic on the walls.