Se-Kure Controls, Inc.

Anti-Shoplifting Devices

Se-Kure Controls is the world’s leader in designing and manufacturing anti-shoplifting devices for loss prevention. We specialize in the design of anti-theft systems to protect retail merchandise. The company produces electronic alarm systems capable of protecting either a single product/device or up to 144 products per system. These state-of-the-art alarm systems utilize a variety of sensors, recoilers® and electronic retractors to tether merchandise to security alarms. Our Clothing Control alarm system can protect up to 20 garments. KKA is battery operated and features an optional „where its at light“, to identify the site of the theft attempt. Our mechanical devices include 4 sizes of retractors, straight and coiled cables, mechanical cables for clothing security, brackets and systems for laptop protection; cash drop boxes and a large variety of mechanical stands.

We manufacture acrylic and polycarbonate convex safety/security mirrors for both indoor and outdoor use. These vary in size and shape from 305 mm to 1190 mm. Our CCTV security domes range in diameter up to 26“ (660 mm) with a variety of sizes in between. Accessories of various kinds are also available.