America's Most Award-Winning New Stand System

Since the last Euroshop show in 2002, the new Skyline Tube Modular Stand system has won major awards at the top two U.S. industry exhibition industry shows.
Skyline won the "Buyer's Choice Award" at the 2003 Exhibitor Show, awarded to the best new product. Later in 2003, the Skyline Tube Stand System was used to design Skyline's own stand at TS2, which won Best of Show, Honorable Mention.
Although this new stand system been so highly recognized in the United States, it takes its design cues from the more elegant and streamlined designs of Europe. The Tube Systems creates structures with minimal architecture, creates inviting, open spaces, and integrates with large format fabric graphics to present large spans of bold images that catch the eye and promote a message.
"The Tube System came out of the desire for a fresh look, and more architecture, shapes and flexibility from a designer perspective," said Curt Lindblom, Skyline Director of Engineering.