Alpha Security Products Europe

Alpha Announces Portable Security Solutions for Display Merchandise - Alpha POD's™

Alpha Security Products (makers of the successful S3 series of Keepers, Wraps, Fixtures and Hard Tags) proudly announces an exciting addition to the Fixtures line-up. Introducing Alpha POD's, portable display security that works anywhere in your store.
Portable - Alarming Pod Modules are self-powered, so there is no hard wiring necessary. The unit's five-year battery life makes POD's the easiest display security available and sets up anywhere in your store.

Alarming - A 95 Dba alarm provides early theft detection if merchandise is tampered with.

Deterrent - A LED light on the front of the Alarming Pod Module and Sensors provide the added benefit of visual deterrence.

Flexible - POD's easily mount to slat wall, pegboard, wire grid or a counter top.

With a wide variety Splitters, Connectors and Sensors, Alpha POD's can be easily customized to secure any number of high-shrink display items based entirely on your merchandising needs