Alpha Security Products Europe

Alpha Announces New Keeper Launches

As the worlds leading supplier of Keepers, we provide the broadest, most comprehensive line of protection in the industry. Our patented magnetic lock is ultra secure and opens easily.

Ink Keeper and Twin Ink Keeper
Alpha's new S3 Ink Keeper and Twin Ink Keeper are sized to fit most single/double ink cartridges, such as Hewlett-Packard, Epson and Lexmark and includes a slotted top designed to optimize merchandise space. Both Ink Keepers create a new alternative to locked cabinets for superior merchandising and security in high theft stores.

Multi-Pak DVD Set Box
Alpha's new S3 Multi-Pak DVD Set Box is sized to fit most DVD multi-paks, up to five sets. The thickness of this Box allows for various product applications such as: PC learning/gaming software such as Nintendo DS, camcorder batteries, cell phone accessories, fragrances, specialty tools, home diagnostic items, electronic shavers and much more.

DVD-R Locking Collar
Alpha's New S3 DVD-R Locking Collar fits 25/50/100 count DVD-R (CD-R) pancake style packages. The stack and nest design optimizes shelf space. Its vibrant red color serves as a strong visual deterrent and alerts cashiers to remove at checkout