Alpha Security Products Europe

Alpha Announces New Fixture Launches

Alpha Security Products (makers of the successful S3 series of Keepers, Wraps, Fixtures and Hard Tags) proudly announces 2005 Fixture launches.
Alpha's new S3 Stop-Lok combines the benefits of Alpha's Anti-Sweep and Locking Hooks. It provides Anti-Sweep protection for a few pieces of merchandise while securely locking the remaining pieces, all on the same hook.

Time Delay Fixture - Infant Formula
Alpha's unique Infant Formula Fixture features a front-loading gravity feed design that is easy to stock. It is designed to hold 14.3 oz. canisters of all major brands: Similac, Enfamil and Good Start. The Fixture provides an Anti-Sweep guard that discourages "grab-and-go” theft. It has a clear view of package graphics, product information and expiration date. The first in, first out stock rotation guarantees freshness. The Infant Formula Fixture is a sturdy, rugged steel frame that attaches securely to a retail shelf. The fixture is designed to fit shelf heights of up to 16”. Other configurations are available upon request.