SalesServiceEurope B.V.

Algroup Ned. is now SalesServiceEurope B.V.

There are many reasons to change a name of your company. One is that the name doesn't fit the company anymore. That happens when you grow, you develop your organisation and find new markets. This happend to Algroup Nederland. So as of October 2004 we are SalesServiceEurope.

That's what we stand for; A suplier of visual in- and outstore communication, standard or custom made, for clients within Europe.

What has changed? We still have the experience, flexibility, creativity and knowledge to help you in the best possible way.
Our slogan is; SalesServiceEurope, completes your concept!
Keeping your corporate identity, market strategies, communication targets and budgets in mind, we are able to deliver refreshing and new concepts and products. SalesServiceEurope, completes your concept!