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MRM Worldwide Entrance Foyer

Artistic use of cable and rod display systems creates an eye catching entrance feature at MRM Worldwide, the London based digital marketing agency.

MRM Worldwide approached Albion to design an attractive and innovative means of creating an entrance display in their UK head office. The display incorporates a wall mounted rod structure with acyclic pockets. It is a stunning example of Suspended Display Systems versatility in providing both graphical information display and innovative interior design.

A total of 24 acrylic landscape pockets were mounted on 10mm rod and collectively creating a landscape image which incorporates the organizations recognized and high caliber clientele names within the artistic hand graphic.

Albion, UK based manufacturers of Suspended Display Systems, as well as audio / visual support equipment and barrier / queue management solutions, have demonstrated the versatility of the cable and rod display mechanism. The system traditionally used in window and wall displays has been successfully adapted to the office setting as an aesthetic entrance feature.

Cable and rod systems are a versatile means of displaying information and graphics in a number of settings from retail, educational and office to museums, art galleries, hospitality and even home interiors.

Albion also offers bespoke solutions to display needs. As well as the renowned cable and rod structures Albion can offer display solutions to custom specification a range of timber, metal and acrylic. Previous bespoke projects included partitions, glass offices, display podiums and audio / visual lecterns.

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