Neschen AG

Airglide – the addition to the product family

Especially car graphics are a difficult task for the advertising specialist – very often he has to apply them to even and curved surfaces. It is our goal to provide simple solutions with our products. solvoprint performance airglide 60 (polymeric 60 μm thick white vinyl fi lm) is one of them, featuring a structured adhesive with superfine air passages. They allow for bubble-free adhesion and are thus especially appropriate for manual application.
Other features: the permanent adhesive is almost black, thus increasing opacity, the structured masking paper embosses the adhesive and the product has a photo realistic
print quality with highly brilliant colours. solvoprint performance airglide 60 can be used with solvent-based, ecosolvent-based and UV curable inks. Together with ”filmolux performance clear 60“ lamination it is perfect for use in car graphics or other outdoor applications.