Neschen AG

A star in the sky of theatre – solvotex theatre 310 plus

Neschen AG is consistently pursuing the objective of supplying ideal products for specifi c applications to its customers. ”Solvotex theatre 310“ is such a product, especially designed for decoration of stages and theatres.
Neschen AG has successfully been selling this material for 5 years. It is with the same persistence that we are working on improving and developing our products.
”Solvotex theatre 310 plus“ is a result of these efforts. ”Plus“ represents the advantages of the product such as a better surface structure of the grey fabric – there are no projecting fi bres any longer. Furthermore, modified Inkjet lamination allows for more brilliant colours and higher acutance. Due to its matt and therefore low refl ection surface, the material can just as well be used for background images in photo or film studios, besides its use for stage decoration.
We are sure that these improved features are another ”plus“ factor for our customers and that the previously successful product has become even more successful.