Albion Design & Fabrication Ltd.

A breath of fresh air at Albion

Innovative engineering with little environmental impact is top priority at Albion Design & Fabrication.

Albion, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of display systems is proud to announce its environmental credentials which come at no extra cost to its innovative designs, engineering expertise and technological development.

Albion have installed Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) lathes to produce the metal components used in their display systems. The lathes are pre programmed to cut and mould metal, mostly aluminum, using the minimal energy consumption.

The machines are based at Albion’s manufacturing plant in Sandy, Bedfordshire. Complete display systems are built from raw materials including metal, timber and acrylic, all on site reducing the cost of unnecessary imports of both raw materials and component parts and further reducing Albion’s carbon footprint.

Albion is conscious of maintaining a good working environment for its staff. The lathe machines capture air born oil particles in the surrounding working environment and regenerate the oil back into the machines keeping the air clean and pollutant free.

As well as recycling oil and water coolant in the machines themselves Albion also recycle 1.5 tons of aluminum every two weeks, which is taken to a closely located plant for recycling into cans, saucepans and even aircrafts!

Albion is driven by the staff’s commitment and contributions to building an eco friendly workplace. An example of which are the new reusable processing trays developed to replace the previous disposable trays that increased waste and added to the non decomposing materials on landfill sites. Colin Noel, Team Leader for the metal engineering department at Albion, designed a selection of reusable trays to reduce waste and improve processing capabilities.

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