Korento Oy

A Major Exhibition Builder Is Born in Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries

The Finnish exhibition company Consta Oy is pleased to announce that the decade of co-operation with Estonian Fairs Ltd has led to signing of a merger agreement. Estonian Fairs Ltd has purchased 70% of the stock of Consta Oy's owner Consta Group Oy.

The joint forces of the two companies form the leading exhibition builder in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Including joint venture companies ZAO ExpoConsta in Moscow and SP Expotek in Kiev, Consta clients are now served by over 300 professionals.

Estonian Fairs Ltd

Estonian Fairs Ltd has the major share of 85% of the Estonian exhibition building markets. In addition to its previous 4,000 sq. m hall space, the company has now 6,000 sq. m of new exhibition halls. The annual turnover of Estonian Fairs Ltd is € 3 million and it has 50 employees.

Consta Oy

The history of Consta Oy goes back to 1961 when it started exhibition building. Having its sales office in Vantaa and head office and factory in Lahti, Consta Oy operates globally together with its partners and joint companies. Consta Oy has 32 employees and its clientele consists mainly of international companies with global exhibition activities.

For further details please contact Mr Seppo Metsälä, Consta Oy, tel. +358 (0)9 221 1924, mob. +358 (0)40 312 3221.