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APG Releases New NetPro™ Ethernet Cash Drawer Interface

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Jack Brown APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Minneapolis, Minnesota- September 10th, 2010

APG announces the release of the new NetPro™ Ethernet Cash Drawer interface. Ready for connection to a Thin Client POS system via an Ethernet Network, the cash drawer is identified with its own Network IP address and can report the cash drawer status and access events in real time.

The NetPro™ interface is ideally suited in retail operations that are open all hours and often run with minimum supervision. In verticals such as Gas Stations, C-Stores, Quick Service Food Restaurants and Home delivery operations, the NetPro™ interface provides useful data for:

* Remote Help-Desk support for service and trouble-shooting of the cash drawer operation in distributed retail locations.NetPRO 480 Ethernet Interface
* Time and date stamped cash access and disconnection event data for monitoring and detecting unusual events. This may be useful for investigation and control of shrink.
* Historical cash drawer operation data is stored in the interface and enables optimization of cash drawer assets and their usage. This provides significant potential for reduction of waste input into the environment.

The APG 480 NetPro™ cash drawers are powered with an external power supply while the NetPro™ 490 uses PoE (Power over the Ethernet) to drive the cash drawer interface. The real time internal interface clock is supported with a battery back-up estimated to provide a 10 year life.

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