“We’ re working on something new. Your next objective”.

This is the strategy accompanying Cefla Arredamenti at the most prestigious appointment for the world of retailing - Euroshop 2008 – presenting merchandising and check out solutions for the world of modern retailing.

Our company, constantly in tune with the needs of our retail sector customers, has developed a number of new products to be launched at the show, meeting the actual requirements of the food and non-food large scale retail trade.

Cargo - integrated rack - is the latest addition to the Cefla Arredamenti range and can be viewed at its best in Hall 15, booth E32, a type of product that had optimal outcome of sale in the year 2007, counting, as an example, 13,000 rack shoulders sold.

The characteristics of this integrated rack system are ideally suitable for food and non-food retail trade areas – requiring high-capacity display solutions and space’s optimization.
We have focussed considerable resources on the DIY sector, setting up DIY and plumbing sections as good examples of departments in need of dedicated accessories and structures – given the extremely numerous products on display there.
Using Cargo (exhibited in its Lite version integrated with the System25 shelving) enables to create two mutually functional areas: a handy storage area on top, with a display area for self-service shopping underneath.
Bars and highly practical display units are used to arrange the different merchandise, creating a tidy, linear display area for the various classes of tools (drills, trowels, hammers etc.) presented in a rationalised, orderly manner.
We have set up specialised point-of-sale display areas (for example, a specialised CAR sector PoS) to demonstrate the extreme flexibility of Cargo. Thanks to two circular stringers specially designed for this type of display area, we have created a structure with a top level for display purposes, completed by a special area for tyre storage.
The Mega section of Cargo can also be viewed in its version integrated with System25 for CASH&CARRY applications. A typical food PoS has been recreated. The suspended shelves and bars designed for household item (plates, lids, cups) departments, integrated with the top pallet storage area, create a typical self-service shopping system.
Thanks to its top storage area, Cargo makes it possible to ‘externalise’ your shop store. Efficient storage is indeed the key to stock completeness and optimisation.

System25, the original shelving system by Cefla Arredamenti, with more than 1 milion and 4 hundred shelves manufactured, is presented in a new, modern version with small but interesting structural modifications and in new colours.

System25 xtraspace, the centre backpanel solution by Cefla Arredamenti, presented at the show in its Supermarket and Hypermarket set-ups, with guaranteed sturdy, sophisticated design allowing to make the most of the column depth and permitting to increase the number of items on display by as much as 12%-14%.

Other innovations that help make the most of the available merchandising space are 30x15 bars, a complete hook and perroquet system suitable for any display requirements.

The care given to PoS aesthetic details is confirmed by a new system of side casings flush with the back-panels, designed to characterise PoP displays making them different from traditional food-type designs. The design strategy at the basis of this project aims at hiding as much as possible the columns and slots typical of shelving systems.

The electronics department is characterised by shelf side panels designed to enhance product value, helping distinguish among the different and specific merchandise in a hypermarket.

Cefla Arredamenti know-how and design imagination are reflected by our new wine department solutions. A brilliant system of wooden partitions, complete with a wooden frame to display special products, can be adapted to other display sectors such as textile departments, bazaars etc.
Similarly, Plexiglas cubes have been designed for perfumery departments, to better highlight key areas and product promotions.

The stability and sturdiness of Cefla Arredamenti models are confirmed by the addition to the range of a non-tipping base, designed to allow a standard wall displayer to become stable also in the absence of a back wall, and opening the way to new shelf arrangements and combinations that would have been otherwise difficult to achieve (e.g. real ‘shelving walls’ built by using specially shaped back-panels).

Cefla Arredamenti is committed to making every “shopping experience” increasingly pleasant: to achieve this, it has introduced a number of products such as the radius 10 rounded baseboard, promoting PoS accessibility by eliminating all architectural barriers. Thanks to rounded corners, shopping trolley trajectories are optimised and the available manoeuvring space increased in the shopping aisles
Lighting is also used to make shopping even nicer: sheet metal shelves lit by lamps installed at the base of shelves and 45 cm high lighted display units create new, charming and attractive lighting effects.

Customer satisfaction is essentially important for Cefla Arredamenti: this is reflected by the PoP. display units exhibited at the show.
Items like the 5 radius baseboard for low and extra-low bases have been specially designed to make medium/small-sized display units look more harmonious, stressing the unique character of PoP. displays by Cefla Arredamenti. Another innovation is our 50 cm pitch resulting in increased PoS layout design flexibility, and allowing smaller display units and corner PoP displays to be designed more easily.

The 5 radius baseboard is ideally continued by a rounded top element -
designed to bring attention to and ‘decorate’ a single shelf section conveying the idea of
protection and central positioning for the displayed items.

Ideal PoS visual communication is guaranteed by grippers – plastic ‘hands’ perfectly integrated in the shelving system and acting as ideal communication supports at minimal cost.
A system of curved label holders has also been designed to support visual communication; the holders, made of Forex, are easy to assemble.

Cefla Arredamenti interest in new fashion trends is reflected by its research in the field of new colours, presented at the show.

Cefla Rustic White
This new embossed white colour enhances the value of shelves and increases their strength, in addition to improving their appearance. It is suitable for both Food and non Food applications.
What are the advantages offered by this colour?
A more uniform, stronger shelf – a ‘classic’ made to last in time.

An up-to-date grey, a trendy colour, combining a valuable-looking embossed effect with the sophistication of metal finish. Ideally suitable for non-food applications, especially for Textile, Electronic shops etc.

"Black is back", reinterpreted for a classy shopping experience; a new trend in displaying, in line with the latest design trends.
This colour ideally matches Stella in two-coloured projects. It is the newest interpretation of Charcoal Grey, in a bright, embossed version making it even more modern and elegant. Nerotex echoes the latest trends in shop design - displaying products against a dark background to effectively enhance product value.
Extremely strong finish - ideal for any shop or project. Yes, black is indeed the new white!

Cefla Arredamenti’s 25-years-plus of experience in the check-out industry are encapsulated in the trade fair exhibition by the FUTURA TWINS F, the new check-out that blends style and solidity while ensuring high productivity at the sales outlet and maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Every single construction choice regarding the FT TWINS F has taken into account two key elements: the customer’s needs and our own wealth of experience in check-outs.
Use of wood makes the product and, indeed, the entire check-out area, warmer and more welcoming, counterbalancing the ‘coldness’ and detachment of metallic materials.

The bag-holder top running along the entire basin perimeter simplifies bagging tasks while giving the check-out a soft, stylish look.

In designing the FT TWINS F much attention has also been paid to the operator and the integration of IT systems.

The cashier’s workstation has been optimised and rationalised thanks to correct alignment of goods detection and payment devices; this considerably reduces the amount of movement and torsion involved in scanning goods and receiving payment.

FUTURA TWINS F: where Italian design makes the shopping experience more pleasurable.