“Cool“ product presentation with halogen lamps and LEDs from OSRAM: OSRAM lamps give small products a big build-up

Halogen lamps from OSRAM put any product in the spotlight. Installed close to the product, they emphasise the design of watches and jewellery. Used for mobile phones, digital cameras or flat screen TVs, their brilliant light highlights technical details. LEDs make it possible to illuminate items close-up, even heat-sensitive products such as cosmetics.

Glass cabinets draw attention to specific items of jewellery. The MINISTAR from
OSRAM – the smallest halogen reflector lamp in the world – helps make them dazzle in all their glory. It can be placed close to items in the cabinet to provide individual lighting. Barely as big as a thimble, it disappears discreetly in the base or the frame of the cabinet. No shadows are cast, the light only shines on the relevant item. This is made possible by a mushroom-shaped cap in the quartz bulb. Similar to a small reflector, it directs the light emitted by the filament precisely where it is needed to produce brilliant light spots. Other benefits of this small lamp include realistic colour rendering and dynamically adjustable brightness levels.

Halogen light with class
DECOSTAR lamps from OSRAM show jewellery and high-tech products to their full advantage. Their cool halogen light is ideal for combining with soft ambient lighting. The bluish white light of the DECOSTAR COOL BLUE is a brilliant solution for illuminating electronics. The lamp effectively sets off the metal surfaces of digital cameras and other electronic devices while its daylight spectrum with a colour temperature of 4,500 Kelvin makes the products appear particularly “cool“. The new high-tech coating on the cover shield filters out the “warm“ red component from the light emerging from the front of the lamp.

LED light appeals to the senses
OSRAM also provides lucid solutions for lighting required close to heat sensitive
products – LEDs. In contrast to conventional lamps, modules such as LINEARlight Colormix Flex emit very little heat. Even cosmetics can thus be illuminated close up by these tiny light sources without impairing the product quality. The LINEARlight Colormix Flex has an unusually wide variety of colours. Due to individual control of the coloured LEDs, it is possible to produce almost any colour – for a unique presentation of lipstick or rouge. Each shade of cosmetics is thus presented in its best light.

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