Trends in store design

Between experience and hecticness – the customer determines the store design

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Today’s stores no longer just have to stand up to comparisons with other retailers on location, but are also in a global competition thanks to the Internet. Merchandise and products are available anytime and anywhere thanks to modern mobile devices. However, furnishings and design of a retail store are by no means irrelevant; customers still want an individual and pleasant shopping experience.

Trends in Store Design: Making the Basket Bigger

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David Stain, EMEA Head of Market Development from global technology provider, Zebra Technologies, has unrivalled knowledge and expertise when it comes to retail store design and technology deployment. David shares his insight on these challenges and the trends currently present in the evolution of in-store design.

Interview with Knut John, tegut... Sales Director

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Not having to drive for miles for everyday purchases is a service that more and more people learn to appreciate in rural communities. With the campaign "shops for everything", tegut... now promotes new local supply models. How this concept looks like and how the "shop" can also strenghten the village community, explains Knut John, tegut... Sales Director, in this interview.