The Future of Shopping

Retailers need to prepare for many changes

© panthermedia / Christos Georghiou
Retail is always changing, because it is the reflection of society. This quickly becomes apparent when you look at just the past three decades. The rise of discount stores, the rapid expansion of shopping centers and last but not least the success of online retail are only some of the fundamental changes in retail landscape. However, it is not just about structural changes, but also simply about the question of “How will we shop in the future?“

Interview with Norbert Rickert, Sales Director Central Europe for Motorola Solutions

© Motorola Solutions
These days, retailers need to offer their customers the best possible customer service as well as ensure a smooth transition between shopping on the Internet and in the store if they want to provide a unique shopping experience. Norbert Rickert of Motorola Solutions believes mobile communication solutions will be crucial to increasing interaction between customer and employees and will positively influence the shopping experience.

Trailblazer for Shopping in the Future

© Metro Group
Retail companies are facing big challenges at the moment. Customer demands are changing and technological advancements open up ever-new possibilities for information and interaction for the customer as well as the retailer. To actively participate in this necessary process of modernization is the aspiration of the METRO GROUP Future Store Initiative. At the real,- FUTURE STORE in Tönisvorst, customers are able to already experience today what shopping in the future will look like.