Store Branding

How a store becomes an unmistakable brand

The most important advertising tool for every retailer is his own store. A large store as well as a small shop must be unmistakable to the customers. That’s why store design can not be left to chance. New stores can set a new course, while renovations are often more difficult. More and more the store is staged like a brand.

In color or black & white: Soccer Fan Shops set a new course

Fan Shops of the large soccer teams are a picture book example of Store Branding. For some time now, clubs have not been making most of their money with admission tickets. It is sponsors and advertising partners, TV rights and broadcasting rights and merchandizing that have turned them into million-dollar businesses. The club colors shape the brand image.

Visual Marketing in retail with modern printing technology

Interview with Michael Krieger, Chief Executive Officer of PPS Imaging, Hamburg
PPS Imaging produces and installs trade show -, museum- and exhibit graphics onto a large variety of materials and with its six locations nationwide by now is one of the biggest imaging service providers in Germany. In shop fitting, large-sized images inside and outside are more and more important