Lighting management in retail: equipping and retrofitting

How smart lighting helps to shine intelligently and energy-efficiently

Smiling man in suit - Dennis Sczech; Copyright: Signify GmbH

Dennis Sczech is responsible for End User Marketeer Systems and Services Retail & Hospitality at Signify DACH (formerly Philips Lighting).
© Signify GmbH


A black lamp made from bio-based plastics; Copyright: Signify GmbH

The housing of the StoreFlow Retail luminaire is made of more than 70 percent bio-based plastics.
© Signify GmbH

Signify's Coastal Breeze lamps in a room; Copyright: Signify GmbH

The award-winning Coastal Breeze Collection is made from 100 percent recycled fishing nets through 3D printing, according to Signify. It shows that appealing design and sustainable creation can go hand in hand.
© Signify GmbH

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