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2021-01-21: Looking ahead: sustainability in retail


Tracking, recycling and reuse - Sustainability in the textile industry • retail salsa: fine-tuning your returns strategy • Smart energy management solutions for the retail sector • C-star 2021 fully launches with five new dimensions • in-store asia 2021 postponed due to COVID-19 • The Drinks Business Green Awards
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2020-12-17: What awaits retailers in 2021


Retail trends to watch in 2021: industry voices • "retail salsa - Spice up your community" on 2021/01/27 • Happy Holidays and all the Best for 2021 from the EuroShop Team! • Optimal time for retargeting ads • Chicken Mafia: making waves in Moscow • “Reusable containers don’t have to be inconvenient” • Campaign to attract grocery workers
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2020-11-16: Food retailing: self-service and packaging


Self-service food options: A taste of the future • Changing room disinfects itself • Social commerce opportunities on TikTok • Retail Salsa - Spice up your community • „Trends in Retail & Packaging“ • A lasting impression in a temporary space • Biodôme Shop: a living boutique
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2020-10-08: Upswing in the Far East


Online Marketplaces: far east shopping • C-star 2020 in Shanghai successfully concluded • Lights, camera, action at C-star 2020: creating window displays • Rolling Stones' flagship store in London • Refrigeration technology helps to save energy • The new normal – CARAVAN SALON is sending an important signal to the trade fair industry
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2020-09-10: If customers won't come to the merchandise, the merchandise must go to the customers


Urban fulfillment centers: central, fast, automated • Big EuroShop365 survey • Shopping with social distance guidelines • Video calls trigger home & garden purchases • 3 questions for … Tudor Andronic, Bizerba • Holiday shopping in 2020
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2020-08-13: Retail design in the age of the coronavirus


Coronavirus and retail design: What’s next? • Coronavirus and store design: “Measures should not have a deterrent effect” • How are retail fashion giants responding to the coronavirus crisis? • EuroCIS goes Fulfillment: Why logistics must accelerate digitalization • Smart Energy Management at EuroCIS 2021 • Mediterranean chic and japanese Anime fun
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2020-07-16: EuroShop 3|6|5 – From “This is you” to “Your community mag”


Relaunch: EuroShop 3|6|5 – Your community mag • The future of trade show booth concepts: this is the new hospitality • Virtual trade show presentations • WhatsApp Business: A direct line to customers • Amazon: Beat the drum of advertising! • Future Cityscapes – What will cities look like in the future? • Could livestream shopping be the e-commerce channel of the future?
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2020-06-16: A feeling for trends and highlights


Tokyo stores: the capital of shopping • 5 key takeaways from the first in-store asia webinar • 3 Questions To … Linda Hauch Fenger, Creation Group: visual merchandising • Customized lighting: The marriage of technology and creative design • Corona: impact on purchase decisions • The resumption of brick-and-mortar shopping • Behind the curtain: inside Amazon
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2020-04-30: Experiment, explore, learn: new avenues in retail


Customer-centered, digital and adaptive • Dual study programs: practical education • 3 questions to … Alican Mert, Mertiz Offset • Listen to the heartbeat: Music in the store • Custom and smart retail lighting solutions enhance your customer’s experience • Social distancing: What could be learnings for Indian retail?
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2020-04-16: Long-term and impressive: Experiences that last


Brazilian women power at EuroShop 2020: Luiza Helena Trajano • Invisible light sources and dynamic lighting solutions in retail stores • 3 Questions for … Bastian König from Aluvision • Supermarkets fill supply gaps • Staging: Space becomes design! • Refrigerated cabinets from AHT Cooling at EuroShop 2020 • Where store design meets way of life
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