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The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo® has invented and patented a new scenting system that can be controlled from your phone.

Madrid (Spain), January 2020.

The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo® has invested more than 3 years in planning, designing, shaping, manufacturing, and patenting the perfect Mikado diffuser. Stunning from every angle.

A scenting solution consists of both the substance or aromatic compound that leaves a delightful scent and the container that holds it.

From time immemorial many dynasties have included scenting in their daily rituals and routines: the Egyptian pharaohs brilliantly documented their obsession with pleasant odours. Then, Christians kept these good practices alive since the 1st century A.D inherited from the Roman Empire. Also, the Arabs revalorized the noble art of “decorating with aromas” during many centuries of domination in the Mediterranean Sea. Scenting clothes, ornaments, palaces, rooms, or temples was a symbol of excellence and royalty that would bring humans together with their ancestors, gods and divinities. Something mystical and esoteric that used to have (and still has) a direct connection between the aroma diffused in the air and the effect generated in those who smell it.

A common definition for a traditional Mikado air freshener would be “sticks that can be placed in a container holding a pleasant aroma, usually made of natural elements. The sticks can be rotated every 15 days.” This is completely outdated.

Trace Home Diffuser (T.H.D.) is the PERFECT MIKADO DIFFUSER. Almost a thousand days of work, but it’s been worth it. A multidisciplinary team composed of engineers, perfumers, legal advisers, and marketers has been involved in the process of how to reinvent such a simple product, that has lasted so many millennia, and adapt it to the technology of the 21st century, rewriting its history.

The challenges were important, maybe simple to solve when separate, but when united everything turns complicated: incorporating them all in a single device of small size, aesthetically very attractive, resistant, versatile, and easy to care for and maintain…

On the one hand, a device focused on the use in hotel rooms had to be designed. The Hospitality sector was used to the old-fashioned, traditional air fresheners that wouldn’t add anything to a perfect cozy atmosphere.

On the other hand, the aromatic constancy should be guaranteed for as long as the container had a fragrance, until the last drop. In addition, regardless of where the device was installed, with or without the help of natural air currents, the operation of having to be turning the rods should be avoided. It should also be possible to offer a wide range of aromas, all of first quality, and exclusively designed for that device.

Furthermore, the device should provide one or several technological solutions that would allow the user to enjoy a digital experience, through their smartphone, without the need to directly manipulate or touch the device. And finally, the device should have an invisible anchorage system on the wall, which will prevent from falls, blows and losses. Of course, not without the device emitting intensity-controlled overhead light also from the mobile App.

All these solutions are incorporated in our Trace Home Diffuser (T.H.D.), created by The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo®:

The wall anchor plate, for the safety of its use in Hospitality areas, is made of steel and lacquered in the same colour as the base of the device. It is so firm on a vertical surface that it seems that our Mikado diffuser is floating in the air. It is a beautiful decorative element with light and olfactory activity.

The transparent, high-resistance glass bottle is equipped for safe transport with a rubber hermetic seal, preventing the liquid content from spreading inside the packaging. It also includes a transparent bezel to maintain the hexagonal aesthetics of the brand isotype, both separately and anchored in the electronic base.

The rods (it only needs five) of the Mikado diffuser is made of black synthetic fibre to maintain the aesthetics of the brand. They have the particularity of offering a 100% efficient capillarity, so it is not necessary to turn them. The aromatic diffusion is permanent and constant.

The base is made of high strength polypropylene (-(C3H6)-n), maintaining the aesthetics of the brand hexagon. It works with a small power supply (low consumption, 12V) connected to power via a micro USB cable, and contains a small digital brain that allows it to get connected to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth. The user remotely controls all its functions. It also offers two USB charging ports for small devices and overhead lighting from the base and the sides of the bottle. In order to help in the diffusion of the aroma, a built-in silent micro fan produces an air circulation from the rear towards the Mikado rods. The forced ventilation intensity, as well as the light intensity of the internal LEDs, can be controlled from the App with the smartphone.

More than 30 aromas emotionally associated with the olfactory setting needs of the user are available for online purchase from the App. You can visit the first Concept Store of The Aroma Trace HOME® opened last year in Mexico. The first one in Europe will open soon, probably in Spain. Meanwhile, users have the olfactory pyramids and emotional activations well described in the App. With the application of the proprietary method called "Endless Christmas", the user will be able to choose three fragrances that coincide in a very high percentage with the need that the algorithm is describing. It is quite simple for the client to fully agree on their online purchase, without having to make a real olfactory tasting beforehand. In the case of non-satisfaction of the user with the reception of the acquired fragrance, the customer service department will organize the replacement of the first delivery with one of the alternatives selected simultaneously. Once again, this is the perfect Mikado diffuser on the market.

From January 22 to 26, The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo® presented at FITUR 2020 its collection The Aroma Trace HOME® and its T.H.D. within the activities and companies selected by Turismo Andaluz in the Andalusian pavilion of the international tourism exhibition in Madrid.

In addition, The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo® will participate in the EuroShop trade fair in Düsseldorf (February 16 to 20), the most important International Retail Trade Fair in the world, with the widest range of innovative, high-quality products and services. It is considered the largest trade fair in the world for its high concentration of professionals with decision-making capacity, as well as a centre for debate and exchange of opinions and experiences around the trade sector. EuroShop 2020 integrates the annual EuroCIS fair as a parallel event, every three years.

We will also be present at ISSA InterClean Amsterdam (May 12 to 15), which is the largest and most international cleaning industry fair. At ISSA InterClean you will find equipment, materials and applications: office, school, sports centres and hospitality cleaning, as well as industrial, building and equipment cleaning, both indoor and outdoor cleaning, pest control, hand laundry, hygiene activities, olfactory aromatization and bacteriological care in all types of maintenance. The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo® will contribute with its technology for the olfactory aromatization and high industrial performance in large areas: airports, train stations, underground, buses, shopping centres, cruise ships and all those places of high concentration of people passing through common areas, toilets, dressing rooms, warehouses and others.

The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo® is the owner of the Olfactory Sensory Architecture concept. An impulse of self-financing and constant self-improvement for a Spanish SME that has a global mission: ensuring that, throughout the year, the spirit of Christmas is perceived in each olfactory note issued by any of its more than ten thousand devices, distributed all over the world.

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The company, and all professionals involved in and with it, appreciate the publication and dissemination of this note in their prestigious media. The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo® is a protected trademark in 90 countries and prepared to provide a new dimension and discipline in the olfactory aromatization segment.





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